Commercial Liability Insurance: An Introduction to GL Insurance, Its Covers, and What to Look For

Small business owners tend to be optimistic, and therefore often underestimate the amount of insurance they need. Accidents happen. There is always the possibility that someone could become injured due to negligence on your part or one of your employee’s part. Even if you do take measures to keep your physical property safe, you never know when something unexpected might happen. This is why you always need some type of commercial liability insurance policy so that your business will be financially prepared.

GL insurance (general liability) is coverage that will protect you and your organization from a variety of claims such as physical injury, property damage, medical payments, products completed operations, and just about any other reason someone might try and file a lawsuit against your company.

This kind of insurance only covers damages and injuries for third parties only. It doesn’t really cover anything that could happen to you or one of your employees. GL insurance cover the basic risks that affect nearly all businesses, regardless of the industry. Even if your business is done primarily online, your house insurance provider will probably want to know if you are conducting business from your home and might want you to get some additional coverage because of it.

Many businesses opt for additional coverage than what commercial liability insurance provides. Different industries have specific needs. Heavy outdoor work such as construction will require protection and worker’s compensation for employees who could easily become injured. Indoor advertising and marketing agencies will require protection against copyright infringement accusations. Web designers and programmers could be accused of stealing code. Freelance journalists could be accused of slander.

Commercial Liability Insurance for Property Damage

Property damage can come in many forms, and not just the physical premise on which your business is located. What about the facility where your electronic data is stored? What if one of your computers gets a virus? Electronic data protection is worth looking into.

What you need to do is check with commercial insurance providers to see if they offer tailored packages for the type of industry you are involved in. There is no one-size-fits-all, so the best thing you can do is to apply for insurance that fits as many as your industry and business-specific needs as possible.

The cost of general liability coverage itself varies based on the state, industry, size of business, and the amount of coverage you need. The insurance companies give out calculators and free estimates on their websites. Just enter your profession and state to receive an overview of the kinds of coverage available to you.

Hiscox Business Insurance is a good place that is often recommended as a starting point for businesses seeking commercial liability insurance. Get a free estimate and look over all of the industry-specific insurance packages.

Beneficial Choices Commercial Insurance Clovis Gives an Individual

Commercial insurance is important for business entrepreneurs irrespective of the size of their business. Apart from comprehensiveness, the Commercial Insurance Clovis gives must also have enough flexibility. You can have an overwhelming number of options when you consider insurance for your business. Before starting a business, the entrepreneur writes a business plan. The policy is to help protect the business owner from unseen, unwanted events such as theft, fire, property damage, and employee injuries.

Different Options of Commercial

When one buys insurance, everyone expects the best protection with competitive pricing. The Commercial Insurance Clovis gives covers all these:

● Professional liability.

● Worker compensation.

● Commercial property.

● Business insurance.

● Commercial auto liability.

● Commercial umbrella.

● Product liability insurance.

A company might not need all the insurances listed above. One can check the features of each and select the insurance that suits their need.

Professional Liability

The most important Commercial Insurance Clovis gives is liability insurance. This protects your company when it causes damage to another individual or company. This protection also includes defective products and the damage to a person on your business premises. You remain protected from property damages and personal injury. A lawsuit against your company can lead to bankruptcy but the liability insurance will protect you from that.

Worker Compensation

The employees in the company need protection under state law. This is to provide compensation if they get injured while working for the company. But, there is a stipulation that this is applicable only if you have a specific number of employees.

Commercial Property

Your bank will ask for this type of insurance when they hold your mortgage. Also, if you have rented commercial space from your landlord, then he might ask for this kind of insurance. The commercial property insurance protects the owner from damages to the property such as fire damage, weather damage, and theft.

Business Insurance

This covers various aspects of the business and depends on the size of the business. When you have a warehouse containing inflammable material, you must consider the insurance that covers fire damage. A Business Owners Policy (BOP) helps a business with more than 100 employees.

If your company uses vehicles, you might consider including commercial vehicles also. When many customers visit your business premises, liability insurance is also a must.

Commercial Auto Liability

This Commercial Insurance Clovis covers the business that uses commercial vehicles. The insurance protects you from any kind of damage the vehicle suffers, accidents, fire, and theft. You can also have an extended cover for covering delays in transporting passengers and goods.

Commercial Umbrella

This is also called the Excess Liability. If you work for a vendor, they might need this insurance from you. You might have insurance policy cover for many things but at times this might not be enough. In this case, the Commercial Umbrella insurance will cover it for you.

It is vital to keep your insurance up to date all the time. If you don’t, you will remain disadvantaged when you find out your policy has expired and you need the insurance cover.

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